To address the livelihoods challenges of marginalized people in the tribal region and to bring positive change in their lives, manifold interventions at different levels – policy, programs, community and community institutions, etc. are required. In this regard to reduce the vulnerability of marginalized sections, Jay Prem Yog Foundation is promoting livelihood improvement and Food and Nutrition Security, through Sustainable Integrated Farming System-SIFS,  Horticulture Development, Watershed Management,  Micro Finance, and policy advocacy for the realization of people’s right to Livelihood with approximately 10+ families.

The organization always brings new innovative techniques and apt scientific technologies with indigenous knowledge to improve Agriculture productivity. In order to conserve natural resources and sustain traditional practices of rural areas to provide sustainable means of livelihood to the community; Jay Prem Yog Foundation conducts analysis and planning of the local resources of the community for their optimum utilization.