10 reasons why you should join an NGO

why to join NGO

Working for an NGO can be a difficult activity. Nevertheless, it is also the most rewarding job, in terms of, goals. This is the list of 10 reasons why you must join an NGO during your free time and help the people. You can work in an NGO in both ways – part-time or full-time. This preference varies upon the number of hours you would like to work.

  1. Societal contribution: If you enthusiastically work/volunteer it will support, you to make a positive impact in the growth and development of the society. You can go to work for the cause you are most enthusiastic about.
  2. Enhance employable skills: When you work for an NGO, you work for an organization that involves skills like accounting, finance, research, raising and re-distribution of funds, punctuality, teamwork, cooperation, and leadership management qualities. You will get experience while working for an NGO.
  3. CV: The skill set that you earned can form a major part of your CV. You can sway your employer with your polished skills. This skill will also make your application stand out amongst your peers.
  4. Professional development: Joining an NGO is like an investment in your future. You will build professional skills to meet up the demands of the individual job responsibility and of the organization.
  5. Bigger strategy: You get an opportunity to design and plan on both- a larger scale and for a longer period. Your aspirations may take either years or decades to get achieved.
  6. Better Networking: You get an opportunity to build up your network with prominent people and larger companies. It gives you an opportunity to know people with same goals as you. It can also improve your job prospects within the NGO or with the institutions that NGO work with. Human Rights Watch helps to bring talented people from disadvantaged economic backgrounds into human rights. It also recommends fellowships to recent graduates (master’s level or above) in the field of law, journalism and worldwide relations.
  7. Broader horizon: Working in an NGO will expand your viewpoint. It will cause an effect on the way you engage in your objectives and make it to decisions. Working in an NGO can make a constructive impact on your life. It also offers an opportunity to work overseas.
  8. Leadership Skills: As a part of a team, you will not only get leadership skills, but you will also get an opportunity to employ them too. Everything varies on how well you learn to inspire people and how you cope up with stress.
  9. Cultural understanding: You will understand and experience working with people of different cultures. It will also improve your ability to adapt to various cultural demands and behavioral expectations. This will also influence your ability to handle sensitive situations.
  10. Making life better: Your job will be making a substantial contribution towards a better tomorrow. It will bring a feeling of job satisfaction and self-motivation to do more.

Working for an NGO is better than sitting at home imagining about an ideal society you want to live in. The only way to accomplish an ideal society is, to make one, by working constructively towards societal development.